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Romanian Language Preparatory Year

Curriculum - preparatory year


According to the Romanian legislation, foreign citizens will be registered for university and post-graduate studies only after graduating the Romanian language preparatory year or on the basis of a certificate proving Romanian linguistic competencies; during the preparatory year, the candidates will learn the necessary Romanian language vocabulary as well as the specific vocabulary needed for the future studies (anatomy, physics, chemistry, technical drawing etc.), if the study program is held in Romanian.

The duration of the preparatory course for bachelor degree studies is of one academic year, while for the master’s degree studies, PhD studies and post-graduate studies in residency is of at least 6 months.

In the academic year 2015-2016, the Faculty of Letters at the University of Oradea organizes a Romanian language preparatory year for EU, EEA, Swiss Confederation and non-EU citizens intending to pursue their studies taught in Romanian at the University of Oradea or another higher education in Romania.

The deadline for submitting the files is 10th of August 2015.

For further details regarding the Romanian language preparatory year please contact:

Enrolment: International Relations Department

Website: https://www.uoradea.ro/Foreign+Students

Tel: +40-259-408.144

E-mail: rlung@uoradea.ro or coardelean@uoradea.ro

Course details: Faculty of Letters

Website: http://litere.uoradea.ro/

Tel: +40-259-408.267

E-mail: fcioban@uoradea.ro